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0 To 4,000 Visits A Day In Ten Weeks Using Blogging

Who said social media is crap? I started off blogging as an affiliate a couple of years a go and have seen a flood of other affiliates doing the same. It's taken me that time to really hone my strategy.

I seeded one of my blogs last year and made a couple of sales - which I wasn't bothered about. But I really started to work on it on 2nd Jan and since then it's grown to 4,000 visits a day purely on the back of writing loads and loads of content.

I didn't even do uber-seo, no "black hat" stuff and I didn't have to steal any discount codes either.

My strategy was pure and simple:

1) Find A Niche
2) Find a good domain (the great ones for me had gone)
3) Build a simple blog
4) Do the bog standard onpage SEO
5) Write some unmonetised content
6) Get a few links to it
7) Work out how to get the most relevant information quickly
8) Post about it
9) As traffic starts to grow work out how to get relevant products on to the site quickly
10) Make sure you offer something unique
11) Allow your users to contribute and take ownership
12) Work hard talking to the networks and merchants - build up relationships
13) Continue to slave away even when traffic reaches your target
14) Look a year ahead. I'm thinking of what I should be doing to make the traffic grow for next year. I'm also thinking about if I should do ppc based on my product and merchant knowledge

What surprised me most about the site's stats that there were over 12,000 different keyphrase variations drawing visitors in. This proves that if you write good natural content you'll be able to encompass the keywords that people search on. You don't have to force keywords - think of what's best for your visitor.

In a couple of weeks I'll be posting about which merchants worked well and information about how to work with networks - they can be great! Oh, and if some of you don't know the site, I'll be naming it too.

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