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Big Companies Still Getting SEO So Wrong

It amazes me how many companies don't read the Google Webmaster Guidelines when they think about implementing a major SEO "solution" on their site. are owned by a major company HotOnline Ltd. Despite other players in the online recruitment "space" being able to SEO logically without impacting users to a great deal or ignoring the guidelines, JobSearch felt it necessary to create pages specifically for search engines, despite being told not to in the guidelines - "Make pages for users, not for search engines." The text following that line refers to cloaking, but it still amazes me that people think it’s ok to create pages such as this.

They've even mentioned:

"This page provides links to all jobs listed, in a format geared to search engine robots. To perform a search, please go to our home page."

How much of a numpty do they have to be?

Could they not have a page that's within their brand that shows the latest jobs added? If they did it properly with major CSS use then the page would still be light and still link to their newly added jobs.

I just hope they didn't outsource their SEO to a consultant! Tell me they didn't!

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