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How to Get Corporate Blogging Right!

I'm always telling my clients to get blogging about your products, industry and company. One of my clients is in the education sector and it’s great to see them get enthused about blogging and how they can communicate in a more relaxed manner with both consumers and corporate clients.

I've been struggling to find a perfect example of a big brand that is doing corporate blogging well. And at last I've found one. Whilst looking for information about the new iPhone, I came across the Dial-a-Phone Blog.

So what do I like about the Dial-a-Phone blog?
1) It’s useful! - There's information about HSDPA with a little video-type thing to say how much faster it is than 3G. (Yep my N95 has it). There's tips about how to upload pics to Flickr using your mobile, there's

industry news about the new PSP and so much more.

2) It's light-hearted - I like the post about the Beyoncé mobile phone and Jon Tickle.

3) It's not plastered with advertising - I just hate blogs with so much self-importance that they plaster advertising all over it. People want accurate, timely information not to be physically assaulted with flash banners.

4) They tell you who the bloggers are - On the right it’s got a list of the five bloggers and you can find out more about them. I find it always nice to know the face and the details of the people behind the posts.

5) They let you add the RSS feed to multiple readers - This is something I'm falling down on with my own strategy and need to fix asap.

6) You can search the blog - another important feature especially as the blog is the same domain as the main site, using in Google may not give you what you're looking for.

7) They understand social media marketing - they do give away an iPhone in the blog - you've got to find the post though.

8) The design is pretty good - it's not crap like mine. The colours match the brand, the design is tidy and, even though the SEO is a bit lacking, it's one that I'd add to my feedreader as I'd be wanting to come back.

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