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Nick Robinson - ASOS Numpty?

2015 Update: Perhaps he was right

NMA has reportedly quoted the CEO of ASOS (the celebrity fashion retail site) as saying:

"Next year we'll reintroduce affiliate marketing but as it should be, as opposed to affiliates as they were" said Nick Robertson, ASOS CEO. "(There'll be) no silly commissions being paid to grubby little people in grubby studios growing income at our expense, getting in the way of genuine sales"

Now with affiliates being really sensitive to people bounding around the perception that we're spotty geeks sat in our bedrooms knocking out sites, it really surprising that someone that's been voted as in the top 50 of UK Entrepreneurs making a comment that is so stupid and detrimental to his business as this!

I'm sure there'll be many full time, very financially successful, industry players that will be hell-bent to bring ASOS to its affiliate knees.

I'm also sure that many networks will be very wary of working with a merchant that appears so clueless as to what affiliate marketing is. Any network that does choose to work with them will spend the majority of their time trying to educate ASOS rather than growing their business - well so I think!

Any affiliate manager that chooses to work for ASOS must be a glutton for punishment. Why would anyone want to work for someone that is so anti their industry that they'd make a comment like that?

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