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SEO Tip Of The Week: Advanced Link Building

As promised here's this week's instalment of "SEO Tip of the Week".

This week I'm looking at advanced link building.

The process of increasing the number of links to our sites has changed massively over the past few years. I no longer feel it’s appropriate to do mass link building campaigns where by you email loads of sites, relevant or not, and ask them to link to you in a given fashion. I never liked doing it and thank Google there's a reason not to do it.

One method I've been encouraging my clients to look at was to build fantastic sites with loads of juicy content that people would love to link to. This became a lot easier as blogging started to become more popular. Sites would naturally link to fresh, authoritative and non salesy content.

That was then (and still is), but it's time to think beyond the obvious. One method I like takes this content generation to a new level. It uses tools like Responsesource or Features Exec to resource journalists that are looking to write on a given topic.

If you can't tie up with a PR Agency then you should, as a merchant or affiliate, look to have your "expert comment" placed in as many relevant publications as possible. Not only does this generate genuine traffic but you're always (nearly) reference in the publication's only edition with a link back to your site.

If your site doesn't already have a press area where you talk about who is available for expert comment and your credentials, sign up to Response Resource and make yourself available.

I've got a piece going in HR Magazine soon about HR SEO and I'll be getting links back and potential clients visiting. The benefit of a bit of PR will work wonders for my natural rankings.

In Summary;
1. Look beyond traditional link-building campaigns,
2. Keep blogging and all their marketing strategies that go with that;
3. Get some clever PR going for your site.

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