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Very Quick 25 Factors For A Successful Affiliate SEO

Just following up on the SEO Search Ranking Factors (before I spend the next few hours going through some hotjiggedy research) here's my very quick 25 factors for a successful affiliate SEO):

Apologies for "SEO speak", and they're somewhat in order of importance:

  1. relevant links from valued and diverse external sites.
  2. Keywords at the front of the page title
  3. organised architecture of site design parent / child relationships in the inter-category sense
  4. external anchor text matching target keywords
  5. get geo-targeting right
  6. as much unique, useful content as possible and make sure that it’s not copied (or if it is, make sure it’s referenced)
  7. useful, to a degree, to have kwd, domains i.e. product domains
  8. use other H tags wisely
  9. Variable KW phrases in h1's
  10. target KW in internal crawlable anchortext
  11. ensure that you have suitable linkability of your domain/page
  12. try and increase the number of internal links to the most important pages
  13. use of error-free sitemaps in GWT
  14. get KW phrases within variable text at the top 50-100 words on the page
  15. make the title/snippet more attractive to increase CTR from SERPS with the resultant secondary effects
  16. check regularly for server issues
  17. reduce template similarity between sections and avoid nasty boilerplates
  18. server response time / page load time
  19. grow inbound links organically (or make it look like they are)
  20. get away from long, complicated url structures
  21. take note of searchwiki and try and influence it
  22. adding fresh content / feed content from other sources
  23. appropriate alt text
  24. site neighbourhood (linking and hosting)
  25. largely different meta kw and desc
  26. and a free one: try and link out to other relevant sites

The above is just meant to be a starters whilst I update my own (more comprehensive) list of influencing factors (or golden rules as I call them to clients).

And sorry for not blogging recently, I've been a tad busy. But the upshot is I should be blogging soon about my multi-industry review of link-building strategies which looks at a few affiliate sites and tries to accurately determine which factors do actually improve rankings.

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