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    Get Visible offered a wide range of digital marketing solutions with a focus on eCommerce SEO. But now, if you looking for link building services in the UK then we recommend Whitemouse Digital as an alternative.

    Search Engine Optimsation

    Without sufficient levels of relevant traffic, your business will not deliver the results you feel you deserve.

    Many Search Engine Optimisation companies will say "we'll double your traffic" or "we'll get you to the number one position for this phrase." However, today, any company with a presence online has to be cleverer than that.

    Get Visible Search Engine Optimisation looks beyond the obvious. We look at getting you more RELEVANT traffic - visitors that are more inclined to transact with you rather than focusing solely on generic phrases with low conversion rates.

    We spend our days with our heads in stats and working how we can make your website more VISIBLE within the search engines. We keep a detailed eye on your website trends and aim to provide solutions to your online presence BEFORE it becomes a problem.

    Since 1997, we have seen the SEO fads come and go. We've seen Search Engine Optimisation consultants recommend a range of weird and wacky ways to try and get you to the top. That's not something we offer. We work with companies with a strong brand image and a lot to risk if things go wrong. We prefer to use our imagination to implement unrisky solutions correctly.

    We want our clients to sleep safely at night knowing that they don't have to worry about that "sneaky little redirect", "keyword stuffing the homepage", "buying links to a doorway page" or "that borrowed content".

    Much of our Search Engine Optimisation work involves empowering our clients into creating better websites that perform in the search engines and not looking for short-term strategies that may last until you're found out.

    If you're after a Warrington SEO company to spam, keyword stuff, hijack your competitors' content or think short-term then I suggest you look elsewhere.

    If you're looking for a Search Engine Optimisation agency that will look at your site, work towards protecting it from the whims of the search engines, increasing the levels of transacting customers and to empower you to take control of your website then give us a call.

    Link Building

    Pure link building is something that we don't believe companies should engage in. Controversial I know, but your website should have links to it where it has earned them. Our strategy is to do just that. We look at how you can create content and market it in a manner that people will naturally want to link to.

    In fact, we look at links in a different way than most Search Engine Optimisation companies. We look at the traffic value of links, and any "Page Rank" value should be estimated from that. We don't believe that when you visit a page that the first thing you look at is the little green "Page Rank" in your browsers' toolbar.

    Our strategy is to get you links in places where your target audience is primarily for the RELEVANT traffic it will generate. Yes, we'll look for directories to get links from. But we won't approach link-swapping directories, sites set up purely to offer links to all and sundry, sites that aren't "on topic" or compromise your brand.

    Link Building Services
    If you want to have a link to your site on any old rubbish, or you're not bothered about your brand, then please contact another search engine optimisation agency. If you've seen the light and want to do things correctly and not take short cuts then feel free to give us a call.

    SEO Copywriting

    Many SEO agencies will focus on getting more visitors by stuffing keywords into your sales copy without a thought that your visitors will read it.

    We focus on not only writing copy that will deliver growth in visitors, but we'll also work towards delivering more visitors that will want to transact with you and aim actually to improve your sites conversion rates.

    While developing the SEO strategy, we'll review the content of your website and establish ways to make it more appealing to both search engines and humans. We won't write content that repeats the phrases over and over again, and we won't make your site look as if it was developed with search engine optimisation in mind.

    If you're happy for your SEO agency to write content that looks like a five-year-old wrote it or someone with stuttering fingers had tipped it up then there are many of SEO consultants that will gladly take y our money off you. However, if you would like to protect your brand, attract more transacting customers and improve your conversion rates then you can get in touch.

    Conversion Rate Optimisation

    Conversion Optimisation is something that most website owners don't even think about.

    Many companies focus on attracting more visitors without actually trying to get more out of the visitors they already have.

    If you want to increase the average amount of revenue per visitor you need to be thinking about your shopping cart. How easy it is for people to use your shopping cart, the quantity of information you display, what images you have, what level of confidence people have of your company, how easy it is for people to navigate the site and how much you offer other products and services for people to buy will all greatly affect your conversion rates and revenue per visitor.

    For one of our clients, we moved some buttons around and added some registered with some sever certificate companies and we increased online conversions by 45% in just two weeks. So whilst the search engines were crawling the new changes to the site, and whilst we were looking at other areas, traffic hadn't changed, but sales had increased 45% - isn't that something you would want too?

    Conversion Optimisation
    When you look at your website every day, you'll become blind to the small detail that may be putting off buyers. We'll work with you and your website designers to improve the shopping process to optimise your conversion rate.

    So if you would like more sales without necessarily engaging in search engine optimisation, then get in touch.


    With traditional brinks and motor businesses if you asked ever single person that came through the door how they found your shop, what they were actually looking for, when they last visited, how they got to your shop, etc, I think they'd soon turn around and walk out of your shop.

    As web analytics code is tucked away behind the scenes, you can get all this information without interrupting your visitors.

    Many website owners look at the general headline figure of visitor numbers and stop there. Most web analytics tools allow you to go much further. I preferred tool is Google Analytics [http:www.google.com/analytics] which allows you to analyse your visitors in fine detail.

    Our web analytics service will provide you with the information to take informed business decisions. We will show stumbling blocks in design that are preventing people navigating your website. We'll show you the effect of past marketing efforts and highlight areas that could be improved to allow you to attract more transacting visitors.

    Not only will be proactive and highlight issues, but we'll be reactive and be there to answer questions that you've always wanted to know.

    If your stats don't already track sales or leads, then we'll set up tracking for you. We're here to allow you to understand your customers in greater detail so that you sell more.

    If you'd like to get to know your visitors in greater detail, then contact us.

  • Experience

    We have:


    years of SEO experience


    years affiliate marketing experience.


    years PPC experience


    years conversion rate optimisation experience.

  • Approach

    Every SEO project should follow a thought-through path:

    Examine the client's objectives

    Establish the motivation

    SEOs are hired for a reason; that reason has to be clear, and the SEO needs to explore all of the backgrounds behind it. It is essential that the objectives are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound.

    Establish the resources

    Not just money, but also time

    Some clients will have extensive budgets and large development departments that can quickly turn around an SEO strategy, whilst others will have scant resources and little time. Any plan has to take this into account.


    Insure the starting point of an SEO campaign is recorded.

    Identify traffic levels, keywords the website currently ranks for, record which links the website current has.


    Time for spreadsheets and reports

    This stage is the most time-consuming. Here we review the website's onpage issues, technical concerns and inbound links. We correct a rough document of issues and start to prioritise what needs to be done. 


    Pull the findings together and provide a way forward

    With all the data-gathering and scenario-testing complete we build the strategy piece-by-piece to deliver a realistic and desirable planned set of outcomes.


    We discuss with the client what needs to be done

    The detailed dialogue starts here. We work with the client to critique every part of the strategy and agree a list of deliverables.


    The hard graft

    This may include one, or all of: tag changing, content writing, content sharing, code fixing, link building, link disavowing, emails or calls to potential marketing opportunities.

    Evaluation and modification

    Every good plan should be assessed and reassessed.

    We will regularly monitor the chosen keywords in the desired search engines. We will periodically evaluate the outcomes of the implementation and report both successes and any failures. We then continue to modify and improve the plan to ensure that growth continues upwards.

  • Ethos

    Creating eCommerce success

    'White Hat'

    We only use ethical methods to increase our clients' search engine rankings. We look for long-term, low-to-medium risk gains, although we may use more 'interesting' methods to acquire competitive data, our SEO implementations are always broadly inline with Google's requirements.


    We'll work hard to drive increases in sales and leads. This may necessitate significant effort from our clients to 'make things happen'. This means that clients should be prepared to invest some time to allow the SEO to be fully implemented. 


    SEO is an integral element of a much wider digital marketing strategy, as such view SEO as part of a much larger campaign.

  • Stats & Figures

    We let the results speak for themselves.

    Over 100M

    Organic pageviews delivered

    Over £20m

    worth of sales delivered from organic search

    8 years

    Longest serving client

    18 years

    SEO experience


    eCommerce different platforms optimised


    Clients served

  • Lee is a true expert in his field - always an excellent source of advice on matters relating to SEO and social media. Totally honest, always tells it exactly as it is!

    James Avery - Founder Flightmapping.com

  • Types of clients we've helped in the past

    Get Visible has helped a wide range of companies over the past fifteen years maximise their digital budgets in a range of sectors including:


    Selling courses online

    Developing SEO strategy, managing internal SEO resource, link building, social media strategy, conversion rate optimisation.


    Gifts, Electronics, Sports Goods, Health Food, FMCG

    We've faced and resolved the whole gambit of SEO issues including Google penalty reversal, launching new sites, link building,  SEO strategy, content strategy, conversion rate optimisation, technical SEO audits, etc.

    Financial Services

    Working in competitive B2B markets

    SEO strategy, social strategy, content strategy, technical SEO.


    eCommerce & mobile web-design service providers and also in the logistics space.

    Link building, content strategy, sales content, partner integration, blogging, social media strategy, Adwords. 

    Courier Services

    Helped grow the company internationally

    Development and implementation of both domestic and international SEO strategies, Adwords campaign management, social media strategies, remarketing, conversion rate optimisation.

    Price Comparison

    Growing the site to 50,000 unique visitors a day

    Technical SEO, content strategy, moving the site towards a more sustainable business strategy.


    Various household names and niche players

    SEO strategy, technical audits, link building.

    Health Services

    A niche London health services provider

    Developing and implementing a sustainable local link-building strategy. Content creation strategy. Algorithmic link-based penalty reversal.

  • Lee's skills in SEO are outstanding, and has always been able to deliver the results promised.

    Rufus Bazley - Marketing Director at Dynamis Ltd

  • Testimonials

    Show off your projects, features, or clients in this section.

    Bill Morrow

    Co-Founder Angels Den

    'Get Visible have been amazing. We are getting quite good at this Internet lark, but we cannot keep up with the latest tricks of the trade. 

    Being a dull Scottish Accountant, I appreciate that the money we pay every month has been reflected directly in an Adwords saving.
    Lee has helped out when times were tough and were one of the few who DOES roll up his sleeves. Top Bloke and a top company.'

    Kevin Drinkwater

    Managing Director - Agency Central Ltd

    We hired Get Visible to completely overhaul our site's SEO in the light of growing pressure from Google. In those two years we managed to almost treble or web traffic with his help and that of our web development team.
    Lee was always willing to come up with new ideas in the light of our changing business needs and continue to see the benefits of that investment even now.

    Barry Manners

     Partner, Chard Associates
     Director, Chard Sales Ltd.

    "I just wanted to put on record my thanks for the results that you are delivering in terms of our on-line visibility.

    The numbers speak for themselves - whereas we were once practically invisible we are now, increasingly, a front page player for on-line searches in the London property market - I look forward to further building on this success with you and the team at Pazang in the future. "

    Mike Field

    Managing Director - MDS Battery Ltd

    I have no hesitation in recommending Lee to anyone who really wants to get their website noticed. We have been operating online for nearly 10 years and in that time we have worked with many different "internet guru's." None have come close to the mark of Get Visible. A no-nonsense approach, giving good value for money, and a real appreciation of SEO in its' practical application.
    Over the last few months we have transformed our sites conversion rate, and I am sure that the future will bring many more on-going projects involving Get Visible.

    Tom Willet

    Managing Director - Morgan Industries UK Limited

    Lee has done an excellent job on our site in a period of just a month - you are always lead to believe that SEO is a bit of a black art but he has put everything down in plain English with a straightforward logical approach - and achieved results.
    I would certainly recommend his services; many thanks Lee and look forward to doing some future projects with you.

    Wes Lewis

    Director - Price Inspector

    "Having known Lee from his younger days at TopJobs, I knew about his credentials and his ability to get new websites competing with large established market leaders in Google.


    His advice and guidance has been extremely useful for us in the price comparison market, which is now flooded with hundreds of wannabe websites and has given us the edge - he recognised our brand as being a potential winner, and his recent SEO recommendations have been very successful as we run into interesting times for the affiliate industry.


    His experience working with large sites has helped us target our attentions to areas that work well, and so far, it has paid off! I would recommend him to anyone. "

    Anne Forde-Johnston

    Marketing & Business Development Consultant

    There are so many"Imposter experts" claiming to offer SEO services out there, Lee stands out a mile with his up to date knowledge and easy to understand reporting. It was a pleasure working with him...Judge us marketing people by our results it is the only way.

    Phill Mellor

    Chief Technology Officer (Mobile Web Division) at BBA (Digital) Ltd

    Lee has worked closely with the entire tech team and we're delighted at the results. Not only has our search engine ranking vastly improved but he has provided a massive amount of technical knowledge technical knowledge allowing us to build solutions according to best SEO practice.

    Guy Cookson

    Marketing and Communications Manager - JobsGroup.net (DGMT plc)

    As one of the UK’s leading online recruitment players PPC campaigns are an integral part of our marketing mix. When choosing a consultancy to work with us on such a business critical area we only accept the best, and actually ended our relationship with another well-known specialist consultancy when they failed to live up to our high expectations.

    Our Account Manager Lee McCoy have consistently delivered a service that has exceeded our expectations, with outstanding responsiveness; accurate and detailed reporting; an appreciation of the unique needs of our business; ease of working together; an ability to balance competing demands from different stakeholders; a ‘big picture’ understanding of our wider strategic aims; a focus on quality and targeting for long term success; a sounding board for ideas; and a willingness to roll sleeves up and make things happen to ensure we achieve a return on investment.

  • Julian James - Managing Director, Kong 365 Ltd

    We've felt very comfortable laying a great deal of responsibility for our groups success on Lee's shoulders. He handles this unflinchingly and to great effect.

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    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations with features about selecting keywords, improving your conversion rate, starting a content marketing campaign, how to work with the new mobile SEO requirements as well as some old posts about SEO failures, voucher codes and how many were slow to see the benefits of social media strategies.



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